Rescuing Frogs

Rescuing frogs in February doesn’t seem right. The cats catch them and bring them in. During the warmer months I find a dead or live frog in the house several times a week. Yesterday the temperatures were in the mid 70’s, they’ll be the same today but there are severe thunderstorms in the forecast for this afternoon. I don’t like to see such extremes in the weather and I pray that we don’t have a summer like last summer.

I’ve been thinking about the posts on the Border Collie Boards that I mentioned yesterday. I am aware that many dogs and cats will readily seek out and consume vegetables and fruit. Does that mean that these things are good for them? I’m sure in some instances they derive some benefit from vegetables or fruit, but digestion, especially if they are raw, is difficult for the dog. Dogs are scavengers.

Was domestication of the dog a good thing for the dog? Man can live without dogs, we may not want to, but we can. Most dogs cannot live without man. Some will revert back to a feral state, but they do not do as well as cats in that situation. Because domestication of the dog occurred when their ancestors gradually became more accustomed to the presence of humans while raiding the trash, did this make the dog more predisposed to eat anything it can get its mouth on? It’s quite likely. Dogs still raid trash, but it is not a generally accepted practice today. Trash is much harder to get at with the invention of trash cans.

Cats became domesticated when they moved closer to humans to hunt the rodents consuming grains humans harvested. Did the method of domestication keep the cat closer its carnivorous nature than the dog? Probably.

Something to think about though, the “trash” that early humans accumulated is very different from the trash some people feed to their dogs and cats today. What is left-over from human consumption in this age is far less nutritious than it may have been when wild wolves were moving closer to humans. The normal diet of many humans today is far less than ideal with all the fried food, highly processed grains and refined sugar. Remnants of all this crap often goes into commercial pet food.