How not to teach a dog to work stock

Glad I looked at this video before I started eating my lunch. A perfect example of how not to teach a dog to work stock.

This reminds me of my early years, before I got stock, when I thought I could teach Gel flanks using a stationary ball.

Worked on whistles this morning and I could see how much more relaxed he’s become on stock when I use only whistled commands. He is moving extremely free and supple now. We also did a bit of shedding work and he’s starting to understand the concept. He just might make a good shedding dog.

So far I’ve been able to leave Fern loose while I’m working Gel. She stays by my side and watches. I wonder if she’s learning anything by watching Gel work. I expect so. I also expect there will come a time when I have to tie her when I’m working Gel because she’ll want to participate.