I re-entered Gel in the agility trial in Charlotte the beginning of March. It is an AKC trial. AKC FAST courses are hard to come by and this trial is offering FAST both days. They run the FAST courses first, then Jumpers with Weaves (JWW) then Standard. Gel needs two FAST legs and one JWW leg to complete his Novice titles so I figured I’d enter him in FAST and JWW both days and hopefully finish out those titles.

FAST is like USDAA Gambler’s. You enter the ring and do as many obstacles as you can to accumulate points. When the buzzer sounds, you have to complete a distance challenge of two or three obstacles, then run back towards the exit gate, take the last jump on the course all within course time. The first time I did a FAST course with Gel I had no clue as to what I was doing and we didn’t qualify. The second time we did, with ease.

After I finish his Novice titles I’m going to take some time off from AKC and work on tightening up his turns. While I’m doing that, I’ll compete in USDAA trials. In general, USDAA courses are more flowing.

There is an AKC herding trial in Sanford in April. I wasn’t going to enter AKC herding events until I felt that Gel could run the Advanced Course B which is a loose equavalent of a USBCHA Pro-Novice run with a shed. I looked on the AKC site for future herding events and discovered that few clubs offer the B Course. I feel pretty certain we could do the Advanced B Course on ducks as ducks should shed easily. Not sure if I can do sheep yet. Guess I’ll have to decide soon.