I will never try not to doubt her again.  This morning around 4:30 she was barking up a storm.  I got up around 5 to start the kerosene heater in the bathroom so it would be warm for when Wally got up to take a shower.  I looked out the bathroom window and there stood a coyote.  I called to Wally to get up thinking he could go out and shoot at it, but as soon as he got to the window, I knew he wouldn’t get out the door before it ran off.  I opened the window and yelled and it took off.  If there were not screens in the windows, he might have been able to shoot out the window, but it’s probably just as well.

Gel was asking to go out so I put both Border Collies out.  It wasn’t long before I heard him barking in the yard and Split yipping on the back porch.  I looked out the bathroom window again and there stood two coyotes, further down the yard this time with Gel standing above them.  I yelled again and both coyotes ran off, with Gel on their heels.  I called Gel and Split in.

I’d like to be able to leave Rose loose in the yard, but I know she wouldn’t stay on the immediate property.  She’d be out patrolling the fields around the yard.  I wish we could give both dogs more area to patrol, but that isn’t possible at this time.  Maybe one day.

It wouldn’t be too hard to fence in the 12 acres behind us enough to keep in most four-legged herbivores.  The hedgerow would likely be enough to keep them in; but it wouldn’t keep the dogs in.  Like the Border Collies, these guard dogs are bred to do more than the job we give them to do and it could get them in as much trouble as it does the Border Collies.

When Wally was lacing up his boots this morning, he asked me what was on the agenda today.  Well, taking care of the animals of course.  I am going to head out to the local processor to try to get some beef fat and bones.  While I’m out that way, I need to exchange a halter that I bought for Merlin that is too big.  While he doesn’t have that dishy, chiseled head Arabian head, his is small.  I am going to work with both Split and Merlin for as long as I can stand being out in the cold.  I have about five loads of laundry to get through.  Sounds like a full day to me.

Last night for supper, I made the Santa Fe Stew that I mentioned earlier.  It was wonderful.  In addition, I made corn bread in my new cast iron pan.  That came out fabulous!  So good in fact that I may try to plan a menu tonight that will include more corn bread.

I sent out some feeler e-mails and resumes yesterday.  Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get the job search going again.

Until later …