This morning, I dragged my weave poles out to where the rest of my agility equipment is and did some weave pole work with Gel. Fern got very excited and wanted to be part of the fun, but I had the foresight to put her on a chain prior to starting my work with Gel. When it was Fern’s turn, I had some difficulty getting her to come with me. She had become so ramped up watching Gel run that she wanted to chase him. Once I convinced her it was more fun to come with me, she did fine. She’s running the entire A-Frame at a low height and the entire down plank of the dog walk at normal height. I’m using hoops at the end of each obstacle to keep her head down and prevent leaping off. So far, her striding looks good for training running contacts. We also did some work with the 2×2 weave poles.

Yesterday, Susan Garrett posted to the Clean Run mailing list that she was filming an instructional DVD for training 2×2 weaves. She said that she’s working with a 13-month old puppy who did not know her prior to beginning the training. In one week of training, three sessions a day, each session was less than three minutes long, this puppy is doing masters-level weave poles (all 12 poles) with difficult entrances. Pretty impressive. Of course, Susan Garrett is a master trainer so it may take someone like me much longer. Glad I bought my set of 2×2 weaves.

The days are gradually getting longer so I have more light to train in which is great.