So much for any training

The ground is too hard.  I don’t want to risk injury to horse, dogs or sheep.  I might have been able to work sheep in the front field, but this weather is hard on them and given that some are them are due to lamb in February I thought it would be best not to stress them.  I know that Merlin is going to be very active while doing the ground work and I don’t want him slipping and injuring himself.

This cold isn’t going to break until the middle of next week.  It is supposed to warm up to 40 degrees on Wednesday and if it does, we should be able to move the fence which will be good.  Thank goodness for kerosene heaters.  The master bathroom felt like an out house this morning.  I have the heat up to 65 degrees, but the thermostat isn’t terribly accurate.  It’s warmer in the front part of the house than the back, until the sun comes out then it’s really toasty back there.

The ATV died up by the sheep when I went up to bring them hay, grain and break the water in their water barrel.  Luckily it held out until I got up there.  It has never run well in the cold.  I was able to get it started in the afternoon and then hauled up more water and hay.  The animals are drinking a lot of water in this weather and keeping it from freezing is difficult.

I got a lot of beef scraps from the processor and fed quite a bit of them to both Liath and Rose.  Gel and Split got their share, as did the chickens.  The extra fat will help them stay warmer.  We are still getting at least a dozen eggs from the chickens.  I’m surprised at that as chickens usually slow down on laying in the winter.  They may be laying so well because they are being fed really high end grain.  I switch from laying mash to a game bird feed.  The game bird feed has a lot of different grains including sunflower seeds.  The chickens love it.  In addition to the grain, they get meat scraps.

In the afternoon, I cleaned out the nest box and put in clean straw.  While I was doing it, the geese started harassing me.  They got so aggressive, I had to call Gel over to back them off.  Interestingly, they have more respect for Gel than they do for me.  I expect they’ll start breeding soon.  Then they’ll be really nasty.

Until later …