Improvement is a beautiful thing

I worked Gel in the back field (10+ acres) this morning using my fetch/drive panels. He is now marching along like a trooper in his drive and we made all the fetch/drive panels. It wasn’t pretty, we didn’t have straight lines, but he didn’t stop and look back at me once. When we were through working, I brought him back to the house (left the sheep in the back fields) and then sent him for them. By this time, they were a good 400 to 500 yards out. It was so pretty (and rewarding) watching him change direction and stop completely on whistled commands. It is so nice to see improvement after being stuck for so long. I didn’t think I’d ever get him to where he is now. Running at the Open level in USBCHA now seems possible. He seems so much more confident in his work.

After we put the sheep up, I brought Fern in so she could have her turn. The sheep were cantankerous as they were waiting for their grain. When Fern circled around them, several of the sheep turned to face her. She stood her ground and within seconds they turned and moved off her. She seems to have quite a bit of presence in a small package.

This weekend I’ll be going over to Wally’s to catch the adult ewes, trim hooves and worm if needed. Other than that, I have no solid plans. I have quite a bit to do before I leave to go to Georgia in a week. It’s hard to believe it’s just a week away. So far, so good on the weather forecast.