I was right not to try to work Merlin

The ground is treacherous.  It doesn’t look like it is, but it’s like an ice skating rink.  Wally suggested that I swing over to the consignment store (the one that we discovered a few weeks back called Fabulous Finds) and look at the horse blankets that were on sale there.  Normally, I wouldn’t blanket Merlin, but if we are going to be transporting him in January, it would be better if he were protected from the wind.

First, however, I needed to measure him to find out what size blanket he’d wear.  I caught him easily enough and pulled out the measuring tape.  You know, those measuring tapes that make a metal noise when they move around.  Merlin shied away from me and his two hind legs went out from underneath him.  Great.  I wound the tape back up and started to rub it all over him.  Within a few minutes, he settled, but not before he slipped a few more times.  This horse is very spooky about being handled on the ground.  The ground work exercises recommended by Clinton Anderson will do him a world of good … as soon as I’m able to start them.

I finally got him measured and drove out to Fabulous Finds to look at the blankets.  Luckily, there was one in his size, a canvas New Zealand rug.  A new horse blanket can cost as much as $100; this one was only $25.  It needed to be washed, but it’s in close to perfect condition.  I love buying used items.

I had a few more errands to run, including picking up my last bucket of venison scraps.  I also stopped at a local feed store and got Merlin a Jolly Ball to play with.  He does like to play with objects (usually those I don’t want him playing with) so I thought he’d enjoy having one in his fenced-in pasture.  The trick is going to be keeping Gel from stealing it from him.  This is becoming a very spoiled horse.  Or, as Clinton Anderson would say, a horse that is over-fed and under-worked.  That will change as soon as it warms up a bit.

Until later …