Who needs a freezer?????

I have what is left of the deer I processed in the milk room as well as a grain bag full of beef fat and bones.  They’ve remained partially frozen for days.

The wind picked up last night.  I hate it when there’s high wind.  Wally got home around 10:00 and came in to the bedroom to tell me that the tarp had blown off the goat shelter.  Great.  That shelter is moving up to the top of the “f*cking list.”  I got up, got dressed and headed out to help Wally secure the tarp well enough so that it didn’t blow away or get torn.  Luckily, we didn’t get much precipitation last night so while the goats didn’t have much wind shelter, at least they didn’t get wet.

I didn’t do my taxes for 2008.  I just didn’t do them which is probably pretty stupid because I’ll be getting a refund.  I just hate doing taxes.  I’ll do both 2008 and 2009 at the same time … as soon as I am able to work in the office without freezing my fingers off.  I could use the back rooms as cold storage for vegetables.  The office in particular is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  The heating system in this house isn’t exactly state-of-the-art.  I could bring a kerosene heater in there to work.  Maybe early next week I’ll get going on them.  Hopefully my income will have been enough for 2008 to get a decent refund.  If so, some of it will go towards buying a ShelterLogic shelter for the goats.  Screw the current set-up.  It just isn’t working and we are both getting tired of dealing with it.

The good thing about using ShelterLogic shelters is that when (if) we move, we’ll be able to take them with us.  I expect because of the wind, Merlin didn’t spend too much time in his shelter last night.  That’s okay, it’s there if he needs it.

We likely won’t be able to get the tarp back up over the goat shelter today.   The wind may be too high.  If not, it will get done on Saturday.  It won’t be pleasant working outside, but it needs to get done.

Shortly, I’ll need to see if I can get the ATV going so I can haul water up to the sheep.  I’ll need to bring the water barrels in the house for a while so the ice on the covers will melt enough so I can open them.  At least I was able to water the animals near the house.  This cold snap is supposed to break Monday and hopefully the rest of January will be tolerable.  I don’t know how people up north tolerate this weather.

Until later …