A wonderful weekend

It was a great weekend. The weather was beautiful, well, except for the wind. I didn’t do a whole lot. On Saturday I planned to help Wally catch up the adult ewes, trim hooves and worm those that needed it, but we forgot to buy wormer while we were at Tractor Supply.

Worked both Gel and Fern on the adult ewes on Saturday and both did quite well. Fern gets increasingly more keen each time she’s on sheep. I brought my camera and planned to take photos, but discovered that I accidently left the power turned on and ran the battery down.

Sunday morning I drove to get rabbits and then took the dogs for a run on the ATV. Fern and her brother Monty spent a good amount of time on Sunday playing in the fenced-in area. In the afternoon, I went for a walk with my landlady, her Great Dane, Gel and Fern (Monty chose not to go because he was afraid of the Great Dane). We walked through the woods along the river for quite a few miles. It was fun, but exhausting. Monty doesn’t know what fun he missed out on.

Great Danes do not understand Border Collie body language. The Great Dane (Molly) wanted to play with Fern, and I think Fern would have played with her if Molly didn’t continually insist on slapping Fern with her front paws. Fern kept warning her to stop doing it by showing her teeth, but Molly didn’t get it so Fern had to resort to teeth and vocalization. Molly still didn’t get it … I guess she figured any kind of attention she got from Fern was good.

Got a bit of cleaning done on Sunday and that was about it for the weekend.

Three more days before I head down to Georgia for the ASCA trial. I can’t wait!