I rode Dream

It was sort of anticlimactic.  I’ve been dying to get on her and decided to go out and try it.  She stood perfectly still while I saddled her.  I walked her around a bit, then lunged her some (she doesn’t have much of a gas pedal while lunging her and I hate to try push her on by using a whip or the end of the lunge line).  She didn’t give any indication of bucking so I put my foot in the stirrup and stood in it.  Still no movement so I swung my leg over her back.  She just stood there.

I left the rope halter on her and wrapped the lead rope around her neck.  Once in the saddle, I clucked and squeezed my legs and she took a few steps.  I stayed in the saddle for about five minutes then dismounted.  Meanwhile, Merlin was dancing just out of reach as if to say, if you think you are going to catch me, you are mistaken.  Don’t worry Merlin, I know enough to be sneaky when trying to catch you.

Now, do I just leave her in retirement or try to build her back up?

Decisions, decisions …