Oh please make it stop!!!

I might as well move back to Massachusetts (remember, where all the jobs are) instead of staying down here in the warm frigid south under eight inches of snow.

Yep, eight inches of snow Friday night into Saturday.  Of course, the goat shelter came down … again.  Heck, the weight of the snow was stressing even the ShelterLogic buildings.  We got the snow off them on Saturday and it’s going to take a long time for the piles of snow between the two buildings to melt.

The goats are up in a large stall in Red’s barn.  Addie is due any day now.  The sheep and calf, all of which were covered in ice and snow, are down in the goat pasture.  The goat shelter is now a sheep cave.  They were pretty happy with it.

Yesterday, we got the tarp and pipes off the goat shelter, with the hope that we’ll be able to start construction on the wooden shelter sometime this week, but the weather may not cooperate.  The goats may have to stay up in the barn for a week or so.  They are not happy with the arrangement.  We’ve told them they are in the best possible place, but they are not listening.

At least the horses are starting to use their shelter.  It appears Merlin may be acting a bit possessive, but being a mare, I think if Dream really wanted to go in, she would.  They aren’t happy being confined to their pasture (rather than roaming the 15 acres), but with no grass for them to pick, there’s no reason for them to be out.

Lots of things suck right now, many of which I haven’t mentioned, but like with everything else, we’ll get through it.

Until later …