Early morning surprise

I went out early this morning to check the sheep and found that one ewe had lambed.  The ewe is a black-headed Dorper and we used a solid white Dorper ram this year.  The baby is a red and white paint!  I don’t know where the red came from, but she’ll surely be a keeper.

One of the adult ewes who lambed earlier this week is slated to be moved on when we sell our lambs this summer.  She’s a blaze-faced black head and produces very nice lambs, but she’s hard on the dogs.  I expect a little stomping and carrying on when they have lambs, but this ewe has killing on her mind.  She runs Gel down which is dangerous for him and for me if he happens to be near me.  I don’t need a 100 pound ewe running into and possibly injuring me. Gel will bite her if she rams him, but that doesn’t seem to matter.  She has no respect for him.  So she’ll be moved on this year.  We can risk injury like that.  She came into the flock as a mature ewe and had probably never been worked by a dog before.  It’s best to keep ewes in our flock who have been brought up being moved by a dog.  We have no need to add any mature ewes at this point anyway.

We now have several buyers waiting on any lambs, kids and adult sheep that we have available.  That is a good thing.

Yesterday afternoon we worked on the goat shelter.  What we are doing is a hoop house design.  We bowed a wooden frame (supported by three four x fours) over the chain link and plan to put cattle panels over the wood and then put the tarp up.  I expect this frame will be sturdier than the pipes were.  I hope, hope, hope that it will hold up until the spring at which point we’ll work on a permanent shelter.  If the weather cooperates, we’ll finish it this afternoon.  We are supposed to get freezing rain Friday into Saturday so the goats will have to stay up in the barn until Sunday.  We’ll make a sheep shelter on Sunday and then haul it up to where the ElectroNet is set and then bring the sheep and Liath in the ElectroNet and bring the goats down.

Addie and Angel can’t hold off much longer.  I know they are not happy being left in that stall and Rose is on my shit list (yet again) because when I went up to feed them this morning, she was running the goats around the stall which I’m sure wasn’t making them happy.  Rose is going to get her furry butt put up in a dog run until I get the goats back down here.

Until later …