Chickens in the bathtub and lambs in the kitchen

Poor Ruth, a Rhode Island Red hen with a endearing personality (she’s the one that lays her eggs on the back porch), was injured recently.  She may have been stepped on.  The roosters were harassing her, so I brought her into the house and set her up in the tub (which tub we rarely use).  She’s getting better and hope she recovers.  It always seems as though it’s your favorites that get hurt (or killed).  I truly do think that Ruth may have caused the injury so that she could come into the house as she’s always trying to do so.  Whenever you open a car or truck door, she’s the first to jump in.

Early this morning, one of the ewes delivered twin lambs.  She must have had one of the lambs in one location, then moved to a different location to deliver the second.  The first wandered off and when I found her, she was mingling with the goats.  We tried to get the ewe to accept the lamb, but she refused so now she’s in the kitchen being fed from a bottle.  We were able to hold the ewe long enough for the lamb to get some of her mother’s milk.  This is the first time we’ve had to bottle feed a lamb.  Hopefully we won’t have to do many more.  Unfortunately none of the goats have kidded yet so we are feeding her raw Jersey milk.  So far, she’s peeing and pooping so maybe she’ll make it.

Since they are all getting along well, we’ve decided to keep the ewes up with the goats for a few more days.  When we have a couple day break between lamb births, we’ll move them back to the ElectroNet.  Tomorrow we’ll build sheep shelters and I will take photos of them as well as the newly-designed goat shelter which I think is going to stay up this time.

Until later …

3 Replies to “Chickens in the bathtub and lambs in the kitchen”

  1. Next time I have to describe someone as being happy and content, I’m going to use the phrase “Happy as a hen in a bathtub”. : )

  2. I see 2 pairs of gleaming kitty eyes & another cleaning his (her) own business aftermath………lol, how are the kitties taking to the baby lamb?

  3. Except for Ted, all of the cats are afraid of the lamb. Gel has recently decided that she is here for his pleasure.

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