We’re in Georgia!

Ah! It was a long ride down here. I left about 12:30, later than I wanted to. I stopped at Whole Foods on the way down (about 90 miles into the trip). Then stopped at Red Creek Farm and rented sheep. Gel worked a flock of about 35 sheep and did very well. He made the drive panels every time I tried and did several open-length out runs. And I worked Fern in the 100 x 100 pen on four sheep. Darned she’s fast! She’s become very, very intense. She may need to be put up off stock for a few months to mature. She’s too young to put a stop on and I was getting run over by sheep right and left.

When we got there, the owner of Red Creek came out and pulled on a pair of Muck Boots. I’ve been trying to find a pair of Muck Books locally. Of the four retailers in my area, everyone had a 7 and everyone had a 9. I need an 8. I asked if she bought them locally and sure enough, she did and they had 8’s in stock. I bought a pair of ¾ height and a pair of shoes (Mucksters). The shoes will be for agility, the boots for stock work. Now I’ll have dry feet which is a good thing. They slip on and off so I can wear them in the arena, then take them off and put sneakers on. The coolest thing was, they were $10 less than they were up my way. Yea!

I left SC and entered GA. By the time I got into Gainesville, it was getting dark. Mapquest is usually very good, but not this time. I drove around and around Gainesville for what seemed like forever look for Route 53N, which it seems, does not exist. It is 53W. I finally got on the route I needed to be and got to the hotel around 8. I’m on the second floor with no elevator. Fun hauling stuff up, but after being in the car for about six hours, the exercise felt good.

I didn’t sleep well. I brought sleep supplements and should have taken them. I will tonight. The hotel is decent. I got some food from Whole Foods that I heated up for dinner. Glad I froze most of the dogs’ food so it’s keeping my cooler cold. There is a refrigerator in the room, but it’s tiny.

A lot of people who normally feed raw to their dogs say that they don’t do it while traveling because it’s too hard to carry the food with them. I agree, it’s a pain, but where ever you go, there’s a grocery store so you can buy meat and not have to carry it. There’s no excuse to switch to kibble on a trip.

It’s now 5:50. I need to be at the trial site by 7:30 so I’m in good shape. I’ll leave around 6:30 as I need to get gas and ice. Hopefully I’ll find the trial site without trouble.

Just checked the weather … thundershowers and wind on Sunday!!! So glad my dogs are not thunderphobic! At least it’s going to be warm. 65 today, 68 tomorrow, but it’s going to drop on Monday. Glad I brought my long, oil cloth coat, oil cloth hat and now have the Muck Boots. It’s sort of a pain traveling this time of year with all the heavy clothes you need to carry. The coolers take up a lot of room too.

Even though I’m tired and my back hurts from driving, I feel relaxed. Gel is ready. Can I tell you how nice it is to travel with obedient, well-adjusted dogs? We had fun in the hotel room last night. We wrestled on the bed, played tug, I can take them out in the parking lot and know they aren’t going to go off if they see something new. Fern is so silly! Last night while we were out walking, we walked by where the indoor pool is. A bunch of kids were splashing around and yelling in there. Fern ran up to the window to look in. When she saw the kids, she started hopping up in down wanting in there.

Hopefully I’ll get someone to videotape my runs and will upload them tonight.

Until later …