This is exciting!

For the first time, in what seems like an eternity, after we get through today’s rain, there is no rain or other precipitation forecast for the next ten days.  If no new lambs are born tonight, I might bring the flock back out to the ElectroNet tomorrow.  Where the ElectroNet is set is a good amount of grass for them to eat.  That would get one livestock guard dog out of the face of the other and free up the pasture for the goats.

Yesterday, we put a small round bale in the poultry pasture; it’s up against the fence so the sheep and goats can eat on one side of it and Buster on the other.  Buster is feeling his oats lately.  After we put the round bale in there, he wrestled with it for over an hour.

Because the sheep are in with the goats, I have to bring the goats out of the pasture in order to feed them.  I had to milk Angel this morning.  Her babies are only nursing on one side.  While I was milking her, the other goats ate.  When they were finished with the grain I gave them, they dumped over an almost empty grain barrel and three goats (yes, three) got their heads in it.  This was one time I wish I had a camera with me.  The grain that was in the barrel was some of that which I mixed up for them several months ago, remember, the grain that they wouldn’t eat?  I guess if you steal it, then it’s tasty.

Angel is acting a bit under the weather.  Her labor was hard and she’s probably exhausted.  I am feeding her separate from the other goats so she can eat at her leisure.  Her babies are doing fine so I don’t think there’s anything seriously wrong with her.

Nutmeg, the bottle lamb, is growing like a weed.  I expect she’s going to end up being a pet yard sheep.

The geese have been spending a lot of time on the pond, breeding I expect.  I hope they don’t decide to start nesting down there as it is not safe.  It will be good when we get Buster out of the poultry pasture and can leave the gate open so the poultry can go in and out as they please.  Right now, we have the gate cracked so the not-so-smart birds can get in and out.  Many of them know how to go through the gate, but just as many, can’t quite figure it out.  The crack is too small for Buster and the geese to go through.

Wally’s mother had to go to the emergency room yesterday afternoon with a serious septic infection; they almost lost her.  She’s still in ICU, but they expect to move her to a regular room tomorrow.  She was so sick; it was very scary.  I hope she continues to recover.  A good part of today was spent at the hospital.

Until later …