Dogs and cats in the house

We are back to only having dogs and cats in the house.  I sent the lamb to live with my friend Janice.  I know Janice was dying to get her (she loves bottle babies) and this farm is really not a good place for a bottle lamb.  A bottle dairy goat is one thing, but a tame sheep, not a good idea.  She would not have bonded well with the rest of the flock and she had no fear of the dogs.  She’ll be a well-loved pet at Janice’s house.

Ruth, the Rhode Island Red hen is back out with the flock.  She’s still not using the injured foot, but she’s getting around well enough to be with the rest of the hens.

It’s nice to have the farm animals out of the house.

If all goes well this weekend, I’ll have the 10 x 10 ShelterLogic shelter up here near the house so I can start feeding the cats in it.  It will be good to get their feeding out of the house.  It will be less mess and fighting.  You’d think cats that grew up here would get along, but they don’t.  Cats, as a species, are solitary creatures.  They can live in a group situation if there is sufficient food, but fights are common.

Billie, our favorite goat, had her babies this morning.  I had to play midwife and pull the first one, but the second was delivered without any problems.  She has a buck and a doe.  The doe is gorgeous.  She’s black with white trim.  The buck is colored like Billie.

Addie is holding out; what for, I don’t know.  She looks like she’s about to pop.  Fennel is due around February 23, then we have a break until May.  It looks like Fern (the goat) is bred this time.  I certainly hope so.

Until later …