I think it’s a Monday thing.

Mondays, in general, seem to suck.  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it’s the anxiety attack I suffer until I know my unemployment deposit hits my bank account (which it didn’t do this past Monday because of the holiday).  Maybe it’s the feeling of not have a job to go to.  I don’t know what it is, but I told Wally this morning that I might just have a nervous breakdown and get it over with.  Either that or slit my wrists.

The weather isn’t helping.  The house is a disaster area, yet I can’t get up enough ambition to clean it.  Maybe today, since the sun is supposed to shine, I can get some cleaning done.  I did bake, cook and do laundry.  I made a loaf of cranberry, walnut corn bread, a pot of chicken soup and some regular corn bread.   I’ve become the corn bread queen.  My cornbread is kick-ass (coming from a man weaned on corn bread).  The soup was really good too.

I did try to use Split to move the ewes and lambs up to the ElectroNet, but it was a disaster.  She was a crazy-ass fiend and that settles it, she will not be worked until I have suitable stock to work her on.  If I had been working her regularly, which I haven’t been, she might have been fine.  These days she’s nothing short of a crazy-ass fiend.

Then a FedEx truck got stuck in the driveway.  The tow truck that came to pull him out almost got stuck as well.  I asked the driver why he even came down the driveway.  He said it was because his rear view mirror was broke and he couldn’t see to back down the driveway.  Great; I wonder if FedEx will pay for the damage the trucks did to the driveway.

Then Addie and Fennel got into a rip-roaring fight that went on for hours.  I don’t know that Addie is taking very good care of her babies.  I guess after four or five years of not raising her babies, I shouldn’t have expected her to be a good mother.  As far as I’m concerned, the practice of removing babies from their mothers is a bad one for the babies and their mothers.

Then when bringing Buster in from the front pasture, he got in with the goats and started playing bull with them.  While a bull calf may grow bigger and faster than a steer, our next calf will be castrated.  Dealing with hormones in a 100 pound animal is one thing; a 400-500 pound animal is another.  I so can’t wait to get him in the freezer.

Maybe today will be better …