I guess we start milking tomorrow

I went out this morning to feed everyone and discovered one of Addie’s babies was almost dead.  I thought he was dead until I picked him up and he moved.  I brought him into the house and tried to warm him up, but he died about 30 minutes later.  Damn!

Right now, Addie is up in the hitching area with her surviving baby.  She’s not happy about the situation, but tough.  Maybe if I leave her up with him for a couple of days, she’ll bond with him and care for him as she should.  Given that I’m going to have to milk Addie, I might as well start milking the Billie and Angel.  As soon as it warms up, I’m going to go out and get a tarp cover over the “kid pen” and bed it down with some straw and we’ll put the babies up tonight and I’ll start milking tomorrow.

I checked Billie’s babies and they both have full bellies and clean butts.  Angel has turned into a fabulous mother.  It will be interesting to see how Fennel does.  She’s due February 23.  I don’t like having to “jug” dairy goats with their babies, but I might have to so that this doesn’t happen again.  Fern has raised babies before and Lilly is young enough so she should be fine too, but I’ll keep a close eye on them.

Until later …