The cats 3; Michelle 0

So much for the plans to feed the cats outside.  It just wasn’t going to happen.  You’ve probably heard the saying: Cats rule and dogs drool.  It’s quite true.  I decided it was less effort to wash the kitchen floor every day than it was to try to feed them outside.  Not to mention my hands all but froze off every morning that I was out there hacking up meat.  Oh, and carrying the meat and my equipment outside, down the icy stairs, was quite the trick.

I’m sure we’ll find another use for the small ShelterLogic building.

I put Addie up with her surviving baby yesterday.  She spent most of the time crying to be let out which I finally did around 3:00.  Then I watched her carefully.  I don’t think the one baby died due to lack of care; I think there may have been something wrong with him.  He was the second kid delivered and he may have been in the birth canal too long and suffered some trauma.

We decided not to put the babies up last night.  They need to be dehorned over the next couple of days which is stressful for them.  That stress coupled with how bloody cold it’s been here at night (low 20’s) might cause more deaths.  We’ll try next week when it’s a bit warmer.  I’ll bring the three does with kids into the milk parlor around mid day and see how much milk I get off them, but this is more to get a bit of extra feed into them than to get milk.

I did get a good amount of cleaning done yesterday.  I only have two more rooms to get done today in addition to running some errands.

On the job front: do you recall when you’d look at the Sunday newspaper and there would be pages and pages of help wanted advertisements?  My neighbor saved both the local and Charlotte Sunday newspapers for me this week.  I had to hunt the classified section of the local paper.  There was only two pages of advertisements.  The Charlotte paper wasn’t much better.  Will there be any end to this?  I do not think the economy is getting any better.

Until later …