Good news, finally!

Yesterday, I got a letter from the North Carolina Employment Securities Commission letting me know that I qualified for another 12.8 weeks of unemployment.  That’s a relief.  In addition to that little bit of good news, two interesting paralegal opportunities came up on Craigslist.  Many of the job opportunities on Craigslist are bogus, but the two paralegal positions that I interviewed for came up on Craigslist.  You need to be careful about almost everything on Craigslist; but it can be a handy tool.

In addition to getting the letter, I got to speak to my good friend Helene for almost an hour.  I wish I could talk to her more frequently as she always gives me food for thought.  One of the topics of discussion was Split.  Helene’s dog, Kestrel, is quite like Split.  Helen tracked down Kestrel’s breeder and has had the benefit of the breeder’s insight on Kestrel.  What I really need to do is to simply back off her for now until I have appropriate stock for her to work and at that time, work her tail off.  In time, she will settle down and turn into a really good dog.

Wally and I have discussed Split an awful lot lately.  We can’t fault her work; she’s a good dog; but at this point in time, she needs to be put up when we are not able to supervise her.  For example, I took both dogs with me when I went to get milk this morning.  Before we left, I let the horses out of their paddock (a/k/a the mud-pit).  When we got back, I let the dogs out of the truck before I opened the gate and pulled the truck through.  Gel stayed with me, but Split immediately went out after the horses.  As another friend said, she’s working on adrenaline; her brains are not coming into the picture at all.  I should say that she may, in time, turn into a dog that we can live with, but that’s only if she survives long enough.  You’d think at two years old that she’d be a bit more settled, but she isn’t.

It’s all one big learning experience.  At least now I am a bit more settled than I have been over the past couple of weeks.  That notice that you get when you fill in your weekly certification that says you have two weeks or less of compensation remaining rattles you beyond belief.  What do you do when you send out resume after resume; fill out application after application and get no calls?  I know I’m not the only one in this position, but sometimes I feel very much alone.

One day, this will all be a bad memory.

Until later …