Goat milk vs. cow milk

I was asked what the difference in taste was between goat milk and cow milk.  Originally, I didn’t think there was any difference.  When I was drinking goat milk last year, it taste like milk.  I haven’t drunk goat milk in several months now.  I am drinking a glass of it right now and I do notice a difference in taste: it has more tang to it.  It is not at all objectionable, but it’s there.  Of course, the goats are in their beginning stages of lactation so that may mean some difference in taste, but it should be much.

Yesterday, I got over a half a gallon of milk from Addie which is pretty good given she’s nursing her baby 24/7.  It is nice to be milking again.  I milked Angel and Billie as well, but they were pretty much just “two squirts in the bucket.”

It is slowly warming up.  For the first time in a long time, the hose wasn’t frozen which was a good thing because I forgot to drain it.  I drained it Wednesday night, but it was still frozen.  We are supposed to get to a whopping 54 degrees today; 58 on Saturday and 62 on Sunday.  Time for celebration!  We might break out the gas grill over the weekend.  While we could still grill when it’s cold, for some reason, I can’t get my head around grilling when it’s so cold.

Do you ever sleep so hard and deep that you feel like you can’t wake up?  I was sleeping that way last night until I heard a loud howl right under the bedroom window.  It woke me bolt upright!  I thought it was a coyote until I realized Gel wasn’t on the bed.  I know now why he was howling: Split is in heat.  Spring must be in the air as Dream is in heat now too.  So Gel is lying here looking extremely uncomfortable and Split is under lock and key.

Yesterday I bought some young chickens.  I got some “Buff Bantams” (a cross between a Buff Orpington and a Bantam).  They are cute as buttons.  I also bought some regular Buff Orpingtons and some Black Australorps.  We are selling quite a few dozen eggs a week so I wanted to have young chickens ready to start laying in a few months.  Both Wally and I enjoy watching the chickens and we like having the variety of different breeds that we have.  Like the goats, the chickens pay for themselves.

This weekend we plan on getting the tin on the horse run-in, weather-proofing the kid pen and the smaller chicken pen.  We’ll move the sheep this afternoon.  We have several social events to go to this weekend which is going to cut into our chore time.  I guess that isn’t a bad thing, but given that we are finally going to have a nice weekend, I’d like to be outside getting things done.

Until later …