I am not a patient person, never have been and probably never will be.  Last night I got very irritated when Gel didn’t bring the goats out in a time frame that I thought was appropriate.  I told him to grip, which he did but the goats didn’t come out any quicker or quieter than they would have if I simply let him do his job.   Dairy goats have got to be about the worst type of stock to move.  Factor in babies and you might as well be trying to move a herd of water buffalo for as stubborn and ugly as they can be.

We I get impatient Gel gets ramped up and when I tell him to bite to move the show along, it does nothing more than make the situation worst.  Unfortunately, Gel doesn’t always grip properly.  I suppose he could be taught to bite straight on, but that would entail training sessions in gripping and I don’t want to subject my stock to that.  Gel rarely needs to grip and those times that he does, he grips properly as you can see from this image.  The ewe was charging him and Gel bit straight on as he should.  If I am patient and let him do his work, he always brings the goats out.  He simply stands there in their face until they move off him.  That he can stand there, nose to nose with stock in tight quarters without loosing his head and gripping is wonderful; but when I go out there to milk, I want the goats trotting into the milk parlor not spending time in a Mexican stand-off.

I guess that is one of the reasons why most dairies take the babies off their mothers and bottle feed them.  If the mothers don’t care about their babies, well then, coming into the milk parlor is a good thing.  That isn’t reason enough to bottle feed baby goats.  The best thing for me to do is to learn to use the tools that I have and try to learn some patience.

In another hour or so I need to head off to Statesville to pick up rabbits.  I am only making one trip a month these days and come home with 80 pounds of rabbit each trip.  My truck gets just shy of 20 mpg, which is a big difference from my car that got 32-34 mpg.  That’s okay, I already love that truck which we have nicknamed Yoda.  It’s been well-used since we got it.

I am so looking forward to the weekend.  It is supposed to be in the low 60’s on Sunday.  In anticipation of almost-summertime-like temperatures, I made a batch of potato salad yesterday.  I have a package of ground venison to make burgers to put on the grill.  Add in a green salad and we’ll have a wonderful dinner tonight.  We need to move the fence this afternoon.  Hopefully this weekend we can get the rest of the windows in on the north side of my milk parlor and finish Merlin’s shelter.

Until later …