Full Moon

I love walking in the fields when there is a full moon. I don’t have to use my head lamp to see. There was frost on the grass so the entire landscape was various forms of white and grey. It was very, very pretty.

My morning walks have been shortened lately by cats coming along with us. They don’t walk as fast as I’d like and I feel I have to keep an eye on them to be sure they don’t get left behind and possibly become coyote snacks. This morning, I walked in reverse order, heading up towards my neighbor’s house first. There are a lot of cats in his barn, my cats know that. There is an invisible territory line in the field the separates our houses. My cats don’t go past that line. Ted came out with me this morning, but he stayed behind the territory line and I was able to get in a good walk with no cats to have to keep an eye on.