That crazy lady that lives down the street …

Wally left me a voice mail message on his way to work telling me that there was a dead deer in the road but that I didn’t want to go and get it because it was smeared all over the road.  What Wally forgot was that I was going to go to the Jersey dairy as soon as I finished milking to pick up a calf and milk to make yogurt so I’d be driving right by where the deer was.

Sure enough, the deer was pretty well busted up in the middle of the road, but I surely wasn’t going to leave meat lying in the middle of the road for the crows and buzzards to eat.  On the way back from the dairy, I pulled Yoda, the truck, over and dragged the deer on the other side of the truck so I’d be pretty well shielded from cars passing by.

First I tried to get the deer on the truck, but it was too heavy.  Whatever hit it, hit it hard because it was almost cut in half.  I tried to disengage the hindquarters, but the hide was holding them in place.  Luckily, I had Wally’s old jack knife in the truck.  It still has cut left in it!  As I started cutting the hide so I could get the back legs off, I saw the lady who lives across the street coming out of her house across her yard.

Shit!  This lady is a devote vegetarian and animal lover.  What would she think of me cutting up a deer with a jack knife, even if it was already dead.  I met her across the street and said hello.  She asked if I needed help and I told her that no, she didn’t want to help me with what I was doing.  After I told her what I was doing, she took several steps backwards and said no, I don’t think I want to see what you are doing.  Luckily I left the bloody jack knife lying near the deer.  Hopefully she didn’t notice the blood and guts smeared on my jeans.  We talked for a few minutes then I told her good bye and went back to work.  I feel sure she will make sure that her doors are locked up tight tonight for fear of that crazy lady that lives down the street.

I’ve butchered enough deer so that I am able to separate the legs from the back bone pretty easily even though I was doing the work with a tiny knife, however, whatever vehicle hit this deer did most of the work for me.  After I got the two back legs off, I was able to haul the front end up on the truck and off I went.

I pulled into the goat pasture and put the calf into the kid pen where he’ll stay for a few days.  Rose was very interested in the tasty tidbits I had in the back of the truck.  I gave her one hind quarter and then drove up to where the sheep and gave the second one to Liath.  The Border Collies and chickens are working on the front end.  I hosed out the bed of the truck (wonder if the truck has ever had blood in the bed before, probably not) and the carrier that I used to bring the calf home, then came in and hosed myself off.

I have a gallon and a half of yogurt in the oven (Jersey milk makes the absolute best yogurt) and a batch of cheese draining.  Now it’s time to lock myself in the office to work on taxes.  Agh.

Until later …