Babies, babies everywhere …

On Sunday when we went out to set the fence, we found a wonderful surprise.  One of the ewes we kept back from last year delivered a beautiful spotted baby.  He looks like a Dalmatian.  Too bad it’s a ram.  Yesterday, the goat that we brought home on Saturday delivered two doe kids.  The milk will soon be pouring, not that it isn’t already.  I get over a gallon and a half in the morning, primarily from three does and then a little over a half gallon in the evening (from one doe).  Once the new doe is milking, we’ll go up to over two gallons in the morning.

The new calf is settling in well.  He’s learning to drink his bottle from a bag tied to the gate.  I hope soon he’ll stop associating our body parts with nursing.  It’s tough going into the pasture because he follows you around licking and butting various body parts.  It’s really funny to watch him trying to keep up with the goat kids.  He can run as fast as they can, but he can’t turn or jump like they do.

The black gelding is doing really well.  I believe he was named Alvin, but given that his registered name is Al Bin Dhellal, I believe his call name was really “Al Bin,” not “Alvin” which is tolerable.  I hated calling such a regal animal the name of a singing chipmunk, so Al Bin it is.  We had the veterinarian out last night to draw blood for a Coggin’s test.  He was very well mannered for the procedure.  The vet look at his mouth and said that the reason why he looks so good at his age is because he has a good mouth.  Interesting.

I got my spring garden in yesterday.  That was gratifying.  The soil in that garden has improved tremendously from last year.  On this weekend’s agenda is fencing in the summer garden and getting some more rabbit manure to put on it.  Also, we’ll work on constructing a “shademobile” for the sheep and Liath.  While it’s still pretty cool, it won’t be too long before they’ll need portable shade.  We have a lot of leftover conduit (some of which is already bent into an arc) and that’s what we’ll use to make it.  On Friday, we’ll be moving the sheep back down to the 12 acres behind us and Friday will not come soon enough.  While it’s been nice grazing them over by Red’s house, I will feel better when they are down closer to the house.

My landlord is planning on planting several acres of pumpkins this year.  I’m quite excited about that prospect because we’ll get the extras and when the harvest is over, we’ll be able to graze the sheep (and maybe the goats) over it.  Pumpkin seeds are natural dewormers.

Until later …