A very good Backyard Burger

Yesterday while we were out doing errands, Wally and I decided to grab a bite to eat.  We had not eaten breakfast so we were both quite hungry.  We were going to go to Hardee’s, but instead decided to go to Backyard Burger.  As we pulled in, we saw a truck with two Australian Cattle Dogs sitting on the tailgate.  Wally said that they were guarding the truck and I commented on how well trained they were to sit there while their caregiver was inside the restaurant.

We went into the restaurant and placed our order and I suggested that we sit by the window so we could watch the dogs.  As we walked to a table, we passed a couple sitting near the same window.  I asked if the dogs belonged to them.  They said yes, then the woman said, you don’t recognize me do you?  I stared and thought, but I didn’t recognize her.  Turns out, she worked with me at the law firm I last worked at.  In fact, we were quite close while she was there.  She left about a month before the lay-offs started to work at a local hospital.  I asked if she was still working at the hospital and she said yes, but that they were going to relocate to Palm Desert in June.

I recently applied to a contracts administration position at the same hospital.  Quickly, I put two and two together and asked her if they were searching for her replacement and sure enough, it was the same position.  We talked for a long time.  She was thrilled that I applied to the position because she thought I’d be a perfect replacement.  I e-mailed her my resume yesterday afternoon and she’ll bring it to her boss Monday morning.  Who knows, this may be the “in” I need to get the job.

Gosh, going back to work, that’s a scary thought!

Yesterday, we made a portable shade shelter for the sheep.  It came out okay and I think it will stand up.  We need to put another layer of shade fabric over it when it starts to get really hot, but for now, it will work.  We moved the sheep back to the back pasture on Friday.  Since Friday, four sheep have lambed and all have had ram lambs. We only have two more left to lamb.  One looks like she’s going to pop any minute.  The other may still be a week or two away.

On Friday I decided to sell my two Saanen goats, Angel and Lilly.  It was a difficult decision, but I’m glad I made it.  A wonderful Romanian couple bought them.  Both Wally and I feel sure that they will be well cared for.  Now I have just Alpine goats.  Fern’s babies will be half Saanen and I’m quite sure I’ll go ahead and sell them either as bottle babies or as soon as I can wean them.  No more plain white goats.

Wally’s hours have been cut dramatically.  He was sent home on Thursday at 2:00 and Friday at 10:00.  That’s a good thing because we can spend more time together and get projects done, but it’s a bad thing because it means a much smaller paycheck.  At least he still has a job.

Until later …