Bla, bla, bla

I feel like I’m in a rut these days.  I do not have a lot of energy to do much of anything.  I did ride Merlin on Tuesday and we had a very nice ride, despite my trying to cut his front legs off by sending him through barbed wire (which of course I didn’t see).  I’d be hard pressed to find a better trail horse.  He’s brave, sure-footed and covers a lot of ground.  He’s a nice horse.  A bit difficult to handle sometimes, but all in all, a nice horse.

I had every intention of riding, but I got caught up in reading a book I picked up from the library: The Untold Story of Milk: Contented Cows and Raw Dairy Products.  It’s a good read.  How interesting that I started reading this book yesterday and received an e-mail from a woman who admittedly works at a local dairy asking about my raw milk sales.  She wanted to know if I regularly have my milk tested for E. coli and Salmonella. Well, hell no I don’t have my milk tested.  I’m sure they have the milk tested at the dairy she works for; she can get her milk there.  Why would this woman write me for any reason other than to cause trouble? There are times I think that I hate the entire human race.

Our visit to the dairy in the mountains went well.  I did a demo with Gel and they were all very impressed.  The goats gave Gel a run for his money, but he handled with his usual calm authority.  Now to find a suitable dog for them.

Yesterday evening, I took out four goat kids and worked Split on them.  They gave her a run for her money, but she did a good job with them.  Gel wasn’t happy that he was put on a line and had to watch all the action.

All of the goats are doing well.  I have one that is due to deliver any day now.  She looks like a beached whale.  The last one is due the end of May.  I’m getting about two gallons of milk in the morning and a little over a half gallon in the evening.  That amount of milk is just barely keeping up with what I need to feed the calf and two bottle baby goats that I brought home from the dairy in the mountains.  The calf drinks a gallon and a half a day and the two goat kids drink at least a half gallon and that will increase as they get bigger.

Until later …