Spring is in the air

I couldn’t help but notice the signs of spring in the air this morning when I was walking the dogs. I could hear the frogs near the river and there were more birds singing that what I’ve heard recently. Some Canada Geese were on the pond. Daffodils have bloomed. Before long the time will change and I can get some reliable training time in after work.

A perfect training opportunity opened itself up this morning. Seven of the lambs separated from the herd and went out into the field adjacent to my house. They were up near my neighbor’s house. I sent Gel to the left and he started running along the fence, then went under the fence and disappeared from view. He’s never done that before and I was wondering if perhaps he didn’t see the sheep or maybe thought he was going to go out to pick up more on the other side of the fence. I should not have doubted him because he appeared behind the sheep exactly where he should be. The beautiful thing was, the sheep didn’t even see him until he walked up on them.

I flanked him back and forth on the fetch using whistle commands and when the sheep got close to me, I flanked him completely around and started a drive. My instructor wants me really “chatting him up” with whistles on his drive and it took until this morning to figure out what she meant by that. Darned if it didn’t work pretty well. Gel is probably never going to be a good driving dog, or maybe it’s just like everything else, all in good time.