Kibble-fed Puppies

It is amazing to me the difference between a puppy consuming kibble and one eating a raw diet. Monty was with me for two weeks while his family was vacationing in Sante Fe. What a difference between his body structure and Pyro’s who is on kibble. Monty is big, but he’s lean, very coordinated and still looks like a puppy.

Pyro grew too big, too fast. I understand that is typical of a puppy fed kibble, especially if it is kibble designed for puppies. Wally finally took her off puppy kibble, but the damage may have already been done. I know she’s been supplementing her diet with a lot of treats which isn’t ideal either. She was spayed recently, which is likely to only exaggerate her odd growth pattern. I hope she’ll be okay. Time will tell.

It took seeing photos of a three-month-old white-factored Border Collie puppy that I know is eating kibble to realize what the difference is. They are high in the leg, with big bone. It’s almost like a sausage perched on top of tree trunks. There’s no symmetry to the picture. It is harder to see in black dogs. I knew something was wrong, but couldn’t put my finger on it.

I believe feeding kibble matures dogs and cats faster than they should. That could be because of the quality of ingredients that is used in a lot of brands. Let’s face it, if you are selling kibble for $1.00 or less per pound, consider the price per pound the manfacturers are paying for the ingredients in order to make a profit. You can bet there the ingredients are going to be bottom-of-the-barrel and certainly not chemical or growth-hormone free.