The color green.

I am not fond of the color green.  Never have been.  Sure, it’s nice to see green grass and leaves, but when the green extends to my black truck and my black horse, that’s going a bit too far!  Pollen, pollen everywhere!  The poor horses are blowing green snots out of their noses.  Al Bin’s head has a tinge of green on it.  Poor things!

I am still suffering from face pain and I think it might be related to a tiny chip in one of my back teeth.  I contacted my homeopath yesterday and she suggested Belladonna and it has helped to some extent.  Hopefully the pain will pass quickly.  Even if I could afford to go to a dentist, I don’t know that I would.  I’m terrified of the dentist.  I haven’t been to one in more than ten years.

For the past few days, the sheep have been up in the goat pasture.  During the evening hours, I put the goats in with them, but during the day, I put the goats down into the horse paddock and open the gate into the back pasture so that the goats can wander around and browse.  There’s browse-galore down there for them.  Of course, because I put them in a new place, they act like I’ve brought them to a slaughter house or some other horrible place.  Dairy goats are such creatures of habit.

An Administrative Assistant job came up at a local bank.  I applied for it, but I don’t think I want to work at a bank.  Still waiting to hear back from the hospital.  I interviewed there last Thursday.

Until later …