Wash Out!

It poured last night.  The wind sounded like a freight train running through the property.  It was horribly frightening!  I normally milk around 7 PM, but it was pouring buckets and the wind was blowing the rain into the milk parlor.  I left the babies on their mothers to do the milking for me.  It was a mess this morning when I went out to milk.

My homeopath disappointed me.  She wrote saying that tooth chip indicated that I might need to fine tune my diet.  She told me to stay away from fruit, grains, root vegetables, and get good fat, rare meat and eggs.  She said that she thought that I would be amazed at how quickly the pain would go away and that teeth would re-mineralize rapidly if I am getting the right foods/nutrients.  Damn, I can’t change my diet that drastically!  I am certainly not going to eat raw meat, no matter where it is from.  I guess the best I can do is to drink more milk, try to cut down some on the fruits and root vegetables, but damn, what am I supposed to eat?  I might as well make up an extra bowl of food when I feed the dogs because that’s essentially how she’s telling me to eat.

The homeopathic remedy, Calcarea Carbonica is the “chronic” of Belladonna so I took a dose of that this morning.  My mouth feels better and I’m sure in time it will not bother me any more.  I’m quite sensitive to pain and discomfort so it doesn’t take much to set me off.

Now that the rain has cleared out the pollen and the temperatures have returned to normal, hopefully I can get back on track.  Yesterday evening I was watching Merlin harass Al Bin.  Merlin is such a shit.  I need to get my butt gear and start riding the hide off that horse, which is exactly what he needs.  Now that it’s cooled down I can get into the office and finish our taxes.  Now that it’s cooled down, I can work on cleaning the house.  Wally must wonder what I do all day.  Lately, it’s been feeling sorry for myself.

This weekend’s project is getting the summer garden going.  We had it on our list to do last weekend, but didn’t get it done.  Unfortunately, I’m going to have to till it up some.  Having the pig in there last fall did it a lot of good, but the dirt is now packed down incredibly hard and there’s one patch where there’s a lot of grass growing.  We didn’t take care of it as well as we should have over the winter.  The spring garden is doing wonderfully.

Until later …