Tax time

I hate doing taxes.  I hate doing taxes.  I hate doing taxes.  I filed my 2008 taxes a couple of weeks ago.  Yep, I was due a refund of $1,059, yet I didn’t file them in a timely manner.  Pretty stupid, huh?  I don’t know what it is about the process that repels me so much, but every year I put it of and put it off and put it off.  I filed my 2009 taxes yesterday.  I am getting about $500 back from the Federal government and have to pay $67 to the State.  Not sure why I have to pay the State and I need to figure that out before taxes come due next year.

I tried to do Wally’s taxes and that actually caused me more grief than doing my own.  Unfortunately, because I didn’t have access to his 2008 taxes and his pending divorce, he had to take them to his normal tax preparer to have them completed.  His didn’t come out so good, but next year will be different and we won’t be paying a tax preparer to do his taxes.  What a racket they’ve got going on there!

Damn, it’s freezing here this morning!!!  I wish the weather would regulate out some.  We go from almost 90 degrees down to the 60’s back up to close to 90.  It’s hard to acclimate.  It’s cold enough in the house right now to turn on the kerosene heater!

Off to make a cup of tea!

Until later …