Sneezing my brains out

Oh, my allergies are bad.  I am going through box after box after box of Puffs Plus tissues.  Allergy medicine isn’t helping.  I’ve been eating local honey, drinking milk and taking Vitamin A, but that isn’t helping either.  It’s miserable.

As usual, we had a very busy weekend.  We worked on some permanent fencing, but didn’t get too far on that project.  Money is tight and fencing is expensive.  We need to get horses into the back pasture ASAP.

I found a saddle that will fit both Merlin and Al Bin.  It will likely fit Al Bin better than it does Merlin, but it’s wide enough for both horses.  It’s amazing how many saddles there are with narrow gullets.  The gullet is the cutout under the fork that sits over the horse’s withers.  We made a measurement of Al Bin’s withers and shoulders to be sure what size gullet he needed.  I took the same measurement on Merlin and even though he’s a much smaller horse, he needs a saddle just as wide.  Poor guy, the gullet measurement on my Australian saddle is six and half inches.  Both Merlin and Al Bin need a saddle with an eight inch gullet.  The saddle must have been terribly uncomfortable for Merlin.  You’d think that a saddle that has full quarter horse bars (bars are runners whose purpose is to distribute the weight of the rider evenly over the back of the horse) would be wide enough since you think of quarter horses as being wide horses, but that isn’t often the case.  A saddle with full quarter horse bars often has only a seven inch gullet.

I saw this saddle a few weeks ago and couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I looked at several others, but none of them felt like this one did.  We drove out to get it yesterday afternoon.  Even though I traded my Australian saddle towards it, I paid more than I wanted to, but I’m happy with it.  I rode in it yesterday evening and it felt wonderful.  It’s the type of saddle that won’t loose it’s value.  It’s one of those old time ranching, working saddles and whomever had it before me took very good care of it.  The leather is soft and supple.  It’s heavy, but any well-made saddle is going to be heavy.  The only issue with using it on Merlin is that it’s a bit long, but I don’t think it’s going to cause him any discomfort.

Who knows when I’ll be able to ride Al Bin.  I put my Australian saddle on him last week and he acted like it was a mountain lion.  My fault, I shouldn’t have rushed things with him.  As bad as I’m feeling, I don’t know how much time I’ll be spending with the horses.  It’s hell even going out to milk.  It’s hard to milk (or do anything) when you are sneezing every few minutes.

I’m back to making cheese every few days, which is a good thing because I missed the cheese.  I used up all of the cheese I froze last year.  Unfortunately, the batch that I finished this morning is spoken for.  I started another batch this morning.

And eggs … oh, we have so many eggs!  This morning I made up two quiches and a loaf pan of baked eggs (with cheese, onions, peppers and ham).  We have one duck and one hen setting on eggs.  On Thursday I pick up the chicks I ordered several months ago.  I ordered five Brown Leghorns and five Araucanas.  Not that we need any more chickens!

The geese found a new home over the weekend.  They incredibly ugly towards the ducks and chickens.  Late last week I saw the male goose trying to drown ducks on the pond.  There was really no reason to keep them.  We let Rose out at night to patrol and I feel confident that she’ll keep predators away from the poultry.

Until later …