My lesson yesterday could not have gone better. My instructor was very happy with our progress. She said to me during the lesson, “I’m not saying anything because I’m so blown away with your progress.” That made me feel good because I’ve been working hard to progress beyond where I was during our last lesson … and we have.

On January 15, I mentioned what my homeopath said about the remedy Rhus Tox and it’s relationship to Gel’s health. Gel was very resistant to driving stock away from me and during his drive was when I’d see that funny hitch in his back end. I realized yesterday I haven’t seen him hitch in a while now. We certainly didn’t see it during our lesson yesterday.

Is the missing hitch due to homeopathic treatment or is it because Gel is becoming more fit from his ATV runs? Hard to say, but I’m not going to question improvement.

We worked a group of Cheviot lambs. They are clever little sheep: able to size a dog up and reacted accordingly. Several of them turned on Gel a few times, and a few more attempted to break away from the group. Pen them? Nope. They were a lot of fun to work though. If they were not wool sheep, I’d get myself a small flock of Cheviots.

Fern did great as well. I have several videos of her working that I’ll put up in the next few days. It’s Sunday as I write this and I’m beat. Driving to Sanford and taking a two hour lesson is exhausting. I left at 7:30 AM and didn’t get home until almost 8 PM. Today we expanded the duck pen so that now, instead of a “pen” it’s a “pasture.” I’m very pleased with out it came out. As always though, it ended up being more work than I expected it would be.