Red Thread

I came across this Chinese Proverb today:

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break.

How true … Wally and I often speak of the people we’ve met over the years: how we met them; how happy we were to have many of them in our lives now; and how happy we are to not have some of them in our lives.

We’ve met the best people while on this journey towards self-substance.

It hasn’t been a terribly productive day; well, I suppose pulling a wagon-load of old brick out of the woods could be considered productive.  I am not going to plant too many flowers this year.  I went crazy doing it last year.  It’s expensive, especially if you buy annuals that don’t come back.  I’m going to use the bricks in the area where I have the Russian Sage, Rosemary, Sage and other perennial herbs planted.  In the same woods where I pulled out the bricks is a huge pile of terracotta pipes.  I’ve pulled a lot of those out, crushed them and put them on the ground around the plants.  This prohibits some weed growth, but mainly it keeps the chickens from scratching around the plants.  I’m going to mingle the bricks with the crushed terracotta.  Hopefully this weekend we’ll be able to get to Lowes and pick up a lattice panel to put up on the fence for the goat pasture to keep the goats from sticking their heads through and munching on the herbs.  Right now, I have bits and pieces of welded wire in place.  It looks like crap and if I’m going to put this much effort into beautifying the area, it’s time the bits and pieces of wire get retired.

That patch of woods has been a great source of “stuff” that we’ve used and re-used such as wooden fence posts and the plastic tubes that we’ve used to protect the pine trees, for baby goat shelters, chicken shelters, etc.  It apparently was a dumping ground for when the horse farm that was originally on this property was operating.  Hopefully we can get out a few more fence posts to finish our fencing project over the next few weeks.  Why buy new posts when you can dig perfectly usable ones out of the woods?

Gwen has spent most of the day up in the goat shelter eating hay, but as the day cooled down, she’s headed out to the front pasture with the goats.  I’ll go out around 7:30 to milk and do the rest of the evening chores.

Glad Spot has another cow to love on.

Until later …

2 Replies to “Red Thread”

  1. My sister has that quote on her blog, and named her blog Red Thread because of it when she and her husband adopted a little girl from China.

    Gwen is beautiful!

  2. Yes, that’s where I saw it. I’m so glad I’m finally weaning myself off the negative-energy blogs that I was reading and moving on to the healthy ones … like the ones linked off your site.

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