The best milking ever …

I’m finally getting the hang of it and I think I now know where we are going to set up a milking area for Gwen.  Until we get the area covered (which shouldn’t be too big a deal [yea, right!]), I can use it when the weather is good, but if it’s raining, I’ll need to bring her into the hitching area which is completely covered.  For the life of me, I can’t recall why I decided that milking her in the hitching area wasn’t going to be ideal, perhaps it was due to her toilet habits.  Manure pellets are not as hard to walk through as green slime (cow manure).

There is an alleyway between the hitching area and the fence for the poultry pasture.  For a long time, we have been talking about what to do with that area.  We keep it blocked off so the goats can’t go through the alley and play ring around the rosy.  I think if we set up a stanchion or other means to tie her in place, I think this will make an excellent area to milk her.  We were not sure that she would be able to turn around in the alleyway, but this morning, I discovered that she could.  It was no problem for her and she’s learning the routine.  I’ve almost given up on leading her.  Instead, I use Gel to move her along.

Now, the only thing to deal with is what to do with the goats when I’m moving Gwen to and from her milking area.  This morning I put them in the poultry pasture and that seemed to work okay.  Thank goodness for Gel!

I need to start getting up earlier to milk so I can send Gwen out into the front field when it’s cool.  At the dairy, they started milking at 3 AM.  That’s a bit too early for me.

And, once the bag of Bartlett’s sweet goat food is gone, we are going to go corn and soy free.  The goats and Gwen are eating the grain mixture that I had made up at the local mill.  The only change I’ll make to it when I have it made up again is not using beet pulp (did you know all sugar beets [which is what beet pulp is made from] are GMO?) and adding more molasses (for energy).  Of course, the molasses are probably from GMO sources too. {sigh}

If all goes well, Wally and I will ride horses tonight!  Finally, we are going to be able to do something that is fun for us!

Until later …