An interesting opportunity?

I read Craigslist: it’s an addiction.  It seems I have a lot of addictions these days.  Sometimes I find cool things on Craigslist.  Last week I saw an advertisement looking for help at an organic vegetable farm.  Cool, I thought, I could get into that.  I e-mailed the poster and got a call from them the next day.  Wally and I went out there on Sunday for my interview.

It was fascinating!  They practice biodynamic gardening, a type of gardening which I knew something about, but not a lot.  Time to learn more as I can see how successful it can be.  While I put a lot of time in my garden several weeks ago, I’ve pretty much let it go to pot lately.

I’ve let a lot of things go to pot lately.  This weekend was pretty much a lost cause on all fronts.  I guess you need weekends like that sometimes.

I am not sure if I got the job yet.  I hope I do because not only will it bring in a little bit of extra money, it will (1) get me out of the house a few days a week; and (2) enable me to learn more about biodynamic gardening practices.  I think we may end up working on some sort of a bartering arrangement.  The husband is a plumber by trade.  I’d love outside access to hot water.  I’d also like electricity run to my milk parlor, but that may not be feasible unless we enclose it more than it is.  Another good perk will be extra veggies for Wally and me and scraps for the animals.

The cow milking is going well.  It’s still hard on me.  I need to figure out a more ergonomic milking position as both my back and my hands are bothering me.  I’m only milking three goats right now, but that will change tomorrow.  It’s too much of a rodeo trying to get three of the milking does out and keep the ones I’m not milking and the babies in the goat pasture.  Then getting Gwen out is even more difficult.

Gwen is doing awesome!  She looks 100 percent better than she did when she got here.  I decided to milk her in the hitching area.  It’s covered, there’s plenty of room to milk her and all my milking supplies are right there.  I don’t even need to tie her now.  She happily eats her alfalfa hay and grain while I milk.  She’s been very good about not using the hitching area as a toilet.  I think part of that is because she passes stool on her way in from the front pasture.  She’s now on our milking schedule so I often do not need to use Gel to bring her in.

We’ve done nothing with the horses.  I think both Wally and I are a bit out of sorts lately which explains why we did virtually nothing productive over the weekend.  I’m fretting about the unemployment situation; he’s fretting about his employment situation.  It seems there’s no happy medium in the employment market these days.

The puppies are growing like weeds and Split is doing well.  I used her to help manage the goats this morning.  I put Split and the puppies out in a run today.  I hope to get some house cleaning done today.  We’ll see if that materializes or not.  Housecleaning is way low on the priority list; almost everything is low on the priority list these days.  These days, I have little ambition to do much of anything that doesn’t have to be done.

Until later …