A full milk tote

I brought in three gallons of milk this morning.  A gallon and a half from three goats; the rest from Gwen.

I’ve noticed that Gwen’s milk has an odd odor to it.  It is not particularly objectionable and the milk tastes fine, but it has a stronger taste than what I was accustomed to from the milk I was getting at the Jersey farm.  Maybe that is because of how their milk is run through a closed system and it is likely filtered more than mine.  It also could be due to something she’s eating.  As best as I can tell, she spent the whole night out in the front pasture.  It took Gel a while to bring her in this morning.  He was soaking wet when he got back.  Glad it was him who went to get her and not me.

I fed out the last of the Bartlett’s sweet goat food this morning so from this evening on, the goats and Gwen will be eating the grain mixture that I put together.  I add a small scoop each of fescue balancer minerals, Fastrack microbials and an herbal mixture for milk production (which is almost gone and when it is, I’ll stop using it).

Yesterday afternoon, I managed to get the front half of the house cleaned and what a marvelous thing it is to see a clean floor.  I wish I could make myself clean more frequently; but I guess I’m never going to be much of a house keeper.  It sure would be a whole lot easier if I did it more frequently.

I finally hooked up with a local rabbit breeder to get some manure and I am going to head out there to get it now before it gets too hot.

Until later …