The cure for depression …

Work your ass off.  It works, truly it does.  Amazing how cranky I get when I am unable to get my butt off the couch to do anything that doesn’t involve daily animal chores.

Yesterday I went out to a local rabbit breeder’s house and filled the bed of my truck with rabbit manure.  It was back-breaking work.  I got back home and then unloaded it and spread it in the garden.  I also started to put some wire around the garden fence to keep the chickens out.

I feel so much better now and the best thing is, it didn’t take some pharmaceutical drug with horrible side effects to do it.  This is the type health plan that Obama should have pushed through: make all the depressed people in the World do hard, physical labor every day … like growing and raising their own food.  Not only would it save a lot of money because not so many people would be taking drugs to manage their ill health, but it would help to put factory farms out of business.

Off to milk …

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  1. I completely agree, some of my most satisfied times are when I’ve worked to exhaustion and am too spent at the end of the day to care about anything.

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