Decisions, decisions, decisions

A new local agility class is starting tonight and I’m on the fence as to whether I’m going to go or not. Gas is so expensive. It went from $2.99 on Monday to $3.16 Tuesday night. The class moves a bit too slow for my tastes. I’m quite driven in training my dogs and really have difficulty tolerating handlers who can’t keep their dogs focused or do not do their homework. The class is a bit over 20 miles from my house, which means adding another 40 miles to my almost 100 mile round trip commute to work. It always seems as though the day of my class is the day that the boss decides this project needs to get out so I have to fight to leave on time to get to class.

My competitions for the rest of March are all herding-related with the ASCA trial being March 15 and 16th and a USBCHA trial on March 29th. As of right now, I have no set competitions for April or May. If Gel finishes his WTCH at the trial in March, I’ll likely enter a USDAA agility trial the second weekend in May and if I do that, I’ll need to get cracking on agility training. If he does not, I’ll need to enter an ASCA trial scheduled for the first weekend in May to finish his WTCH and I might enter Fern in Started sheep if we go. Lots hinges on the upcoming ASCA trial. May the cattle be cooperative; may I let my dog do his work and not interfere with our cattle runs.

We are going to a lesson on cattle this Sunday. I have great respect for the man who is giving me the lesson. He has great stock sense. Hopefully some of it will wear off on me.

It looks like I might be getting some Cheviot ewes in the next few months. I spoke to a breeder who is about 80 miles from me about buying some of his cull ewes. I really, really enjoyed working them on Saturday and I can see the benefits of having different types of sheep to work. We’ll see what he comes up with and how much. My instructor would sell me some of her lambs, but transporting them would be prohibitively expensive. Everything comes down to the price of gas these days. At least we are getting regular rain which will help the grass grow back. We got some severe storms last night and a lot of rain. When I drove over the Catawba River this morning, it was brown and swollen. I haven’t seen it like that in what seems like years. I do not want to have to go through another winter of feeding expensive hay or another summer where I can’t use my ElectroNet. In fact, I plan to set my ElectroNet this weekend to get the sheep out of the fenced-in area they’ve been in for so long.