DNA Testing

Took Gel in this morning to have blood drawn for a DNA test. I need to make sure he’s really a dog and I’m sure a DNA test will give me the answer I need. This dog has no fear of the vet’s office. He enjoyed himself tremendously entertaining the vet techs. He’s such a goof ball. The DNA test is to be certain he’s CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) Normal. Assuming he’s normal, I won’t need to have the puppies’ eyes certified. I’m glad there is a DNA test for this as I prefer to keep less-than-seven-week-old puppies out of vet’s offices.

The first puppy crawled out of the pool this morning. Now all hell will break loose!

It is finally cooling off! I hope to take more photos tonight and maybe a couple of videos as well. Since I’ve been doing agility with Gel, I’m seeing a big difference in how he works sheep – instead of running around them (which takes longer), he leap-frogs over them. Not really, I’m in a goofy mood this morning. What I am seeing is that he is more confident in his work. I think giving him a break from the seriousness of stock work to do agility (which is fun) has done him a world of good.