My ducks are finally laying eggs. They are not quite up to full production, but they are getting there. I expect with the time changing this weekend and the warmer weather, I’ll start to have more eggs than I can use … maybe!

Fern loves eggs. This morning I was walking around the duck pasture looking for eggs. Unlike chickens, ducks tend to lay where ever they are. Fern was with me and when she spotted an egg in the grass, she raced me to it and won. She happily carried her prize around while I searched for more eggs. When we came out of the duck pasture, she dropped the egg on the driveway and enjoyed it while Gel and I put the sheep up.

Those wily sheep. Yesterday I pulled some woven wire down the fence line (approximately 100 feet) that is still open and then leaned it up against the posts in an attempt to prevent their escape into the adjoining pasture. The fencing that is there now is barbed wire which doesn’t stop sheep. This morning while in the house getting ready for work I saw a single sheep running around. I quickly went outside to see why this was. The other sheep were not to be seen. I walked down to the fence line that I had leaned the wire up against and discovered the rotten sheep had pushed the roll of wire out of the way and escaped.

Luckily, Gel is back working again so I sent him for the sheep who were not in an easy place to retrieve due to the fence lines, some of which is woven wire. Using whistles I was able to maneuver Gel around where he needed to be to bring the sheep back on my property. I put the fence back up and secured it so that they shouldn’t be able to knock it down again.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to properly install the fence. Once this line is fenced, there are only a few more places I’ll need to secure so that there will be no escape for the sheep and the fencing will prevent neighbors’ dogs from coming on my property. They come looking for food and bones and I can’t blame them for that, but I don’t like picking up stool from kibble-fed dogs. In general, I don’t need to pick up the stool from my dogs because it is so small and disintegrates very quickly. Given that my dogs get at least two walks a day out in the back fields, a lot of their pottying is done off my property.

I am also going to see if I can pick up a couple of heavy breed chickens this weekend. I’ll clip their wings so they cannot fly and use Gel to put them up at night like we do the ducks. I need the rototiller action that chickens provide to move sheep manure and old hay around. We are getting regular rain and with the warmer temperatures, the grass is starting to grow. The chickens will help in the fenced-in area where I’ve kept the sheep all winter. In general I prefer ducks over chickens, but ducks don’t scratch and move material around like chickens. Chickens will also help keep the worm load down.