And then a miracle occurred

Rosemoon and her wonderful family came to pick up Split and two puppies yesterday.  We had a lovely visit.  I love Rosemoon and her family and so wish they were closer.  Rosemoon has already posted an entry in her Blog about how useful Split has become.

Yea for Split!!!!!!

The four puppies spent the evening in the house last night.  They trashed their sleeping area and we need to figure out a way to keep that a bit cleaner, but I was glad to have them in the house.  Wally and I are torn between two of the puppies.  One is the smaller of the males (Rosemoon took the larger male) and the other is the female with the solid white muzzle.  They are both bright and lively.  The small male is extremely precocious.

We have a family coming to look at the puppies this afternoon.  They are looking for a ranch dog and from talking to them over the telephone, it may be a good home, but I wouldn’t hesitate to turn them away.  I’ve turned more people away via telephone than I’ve talked to.  That would only leave three and there’s a pretty good chance the family that took Monty (Fern’s brother) may take one of these puppies.  I would have no problem, for the time being, keeping two of the puppies.  The two left (besides the two we like) are the female with the zig-zag pattern on her face and the black-faced male (the one I’ve ear marked for the family coming this afternoon).

Wally is trying to finish up mowing and weed whacking before it rains so I need to cut this short to go out and help him, but there is a lot of other neat things going on that I need to write about.

Until later …