Noise pollution

Damn, it’s noisy around here lately.  I took Spot away from Gwen over the weekend and he’s extremely unhappy with the arrangement.  He’s always been a noisy calf and having his unlimited milk supply taken away has made him even more so.  I’m in the process of drying Gwen up and that coupled with wanting “her” calf has made her extremely vocal.  As I write this, she’s still out there bellowing.

Fern had her kids on May 31, right on time.  She had two does, both of them white (yuck!).  Her delivery made her smell quite interesting to the two young buck kids so I had to put them in with Spot and they are adding their voices to the ruckus.

Chickens!  Damn, they can be loud!  Their nesting box is right outside my milk parlor and it can be deafening in there when they get to squawking and carrying on.  Several hens are sitting and if another hen or duck tries to come into their nest, the sitting hen sounds like a prehistoric beast.

Puppies! They are a rowdy, noisy bunch!  If all goes well, the last two puppies will be going to their new homes this weekend.  One is going to the family who bought a puppy from the Gel x Midge litter (Monty) and hopefully, the second is going to go to some relatives of theirs.  Then we’ll have just the two wide-open beasts!  Darned, the female with the solid white muzzle is way-wide-open, maybe more so than we want to live with.  The little male, Mica, is precocious as all heck.  I think we’ll name the female Kishi. Interestingly, a “Kishi” is a type of demon of Angola, who have two faces – one human, the other hyena. The bunch of puppies often sound like a pack of hyenas!  I ought to be more careful about what I name a puppy.  We’ll stick with the original meaning of Kishi which is “happiness to the earth.”

I should take some aspirin before I head out to milk in anticipation of the headache I’m going to end up with before I finish milking.

Speaking of headaches: my lap top died over the weekend.  I called a local computer repairman and he came out to try to try to revive it.  I feel like I should have just let it die rather than calling this particular man out and bringing him back into our lives.  He’s only called me about 20 times since he took the computer and he’ll probably continue to call me after I get it back.  He lives with a married woman who does a lot of cat rescue (her husband has nothing to do with the cats).  About a year ago, I helped her re-home upwards of 30 feral cats.  Back then, she told me that she was cutting back on her rescue business to only those that were easily adopted.  When the computer repairman came out on Sunday to get the lap top, I asked him how many cats she had now.  He told me 40-50, many of which, according to him, were sick and too feral to be adopted.  I have to drive out there this morning to get my lap top (which I don’t think was properly fixed) and I’m not looking forward to it.  The dysfunctionality of that group is upsetting to me.

Last night I asked Wally if he thought that we were dysfunctional.  He laughed and told me, no, we are too busy to be dysfunctional.

Since the lap top is likely not fixed, I’ll have to look into getting another one.  I can’t use my desk top much past 10 AM during the warmer months.  My office doesn’t have good ventilation and even with the AC on, the room is too hot to run a desk top computer.

Off to pick up my lap top and saying a little prayer that maybe, just maybe, it is working again.

Until later …