And then there were two … again

The last two puppies went to their new homes yesterday … and awesome homes they are!  All four puppies are in the best possible homes.  I couldn’t have done any better in their placement.  That’s an incredible feeling.

Monty (Fern’s brother) came out yesterday and he looked fabulous; so much like Gel at his age and he acts very much like Gel.  Monty has remained on a raw meat diet and has been very minimally vaccinated.  It’s great to see the differences in his temperament compared to the other puppies who were vaccinated and kibble fed.  Of the five puppies from that litter, two have remained on raw and were minimally, or not, vaccinated.  I’m hoping of this current litter, all of them will stay that way and I think that they well might.

Until later …

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  1. Michelle, I haven’t been following your blog, but I’d like to. I’m putting it on a shortcut to make it easier to access.

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