So far, so good

I’ve checked in with the families that got the two families on Saturday and have received nothing but glowing reports.  Unfortunately, the family that took the female puppy whom they named Bella have already got the “why are you vaccinating, spaying, medicating, etc. your puppy?”  Their neighbor got a Golden Retriever cross puppy on Saturday from a Humane Society adoption event at a local mall.  At 10-12 weeks old, the puppy is already fully vaccinated, spayed and micro chipped.  I hope that I was able to communicate the rationale behind not vaccinating or spaying a dog so young and they’ll hang tight.

As I write this, my friend Cheri (who has Fern) is on her way here for a visit and to collaborate on a manual of sorts on natural puppy rearing.  Cheri has been doing some dog training on the side and thought that this manual would be useful for her clients.  I do not plan to breed another litter, but this sort of manual would be helpful for the family who have Bella.  In fact, they are the ones who asked for such a thing and I called Cheri to see if she’d be interested in working with me on it.

Wally and I finished one raised bed on Sunday and the other is almost done.  The weather today is lovely so Cheri and I may do a bit of digging ourselves.  While we could sit around and chat, why not get a bit of exercise.  I need to dig two more beds in the garden up near the house.

Until later …