Bloody, freaking hot …

Oh it’s bad here!  90 plus degrees with humidity.  Lovely, huh?  On Saturday we did our regular errands in the morning, then packed up the ATV, lawnmower, a cooler full of Jersey steaks, the puppies and Gel and headed to Wally’s sister’s house.  His sister’s husband agreed to show Wally how to do the bi-annual tune-ups on both the ATV and lawnmower.  We women stayed in the house where it was cool and prepared food and drank wine.  What fun, huh?  Unfortunately, we didn’t get home until after 9:00 and I milked really late, but all in all, it was a lovely visit.  I love Wally’s sister and her husband.

The puppies were very good during the trip and while at Wally’s sister’s house.  Pyro (Fern and Monty’s sister) was amazingly good with the puppies.  I think all the dogs had as much fun as we did.

Sunday was spent mowing (Wally) and hauling old bedding out of the goat shelter (me).  I about had heat stroke doing it.  I may go out for a little while this morning and haul more of it out.  We did have Marcus lined up to do this job with his Bobcat, but who knows when Marcus will ever show up and I got tired of how dirty the shelter was.  I am starting our own compost pile with this bedding and have a bucket full of kitchen scraps to add to it.  I also have several loads of laundry to hang out, a sink full of dirty dishes, milking equipment to wash, etc., etc. … and I’d rather just go back to bed.

You know it’s really hot when the air conditioning (which is set at 85 degrees, comes on at 9:00 AM.  I got up last night around 12:30 and tried to open up the doors to let fresh air in, but not long after I did that, the air came back on so I had to get back up and close them.  Yuck.

Best go and get something done.

Until later …