If you can’t sell him, then ride him.

I got this month’s DVD from Clinton Anderson’s No Worries Club and because it featured a retired endurance Arabian, I figured I’d watch it.  As it turned out, the Arabian is a desert-bred or Al Khamsa Arabian, like Al Bin.

I watched a few minutes of the show then decided, screw the heat, my still sore knee and that PITA horse, I’m going to make an effort to make him a better horse.

I caught him easily enough and this time, the saddle only fell off his back once (compared to three times the last time I saddled him).  I love my saddle, I really do, but it’s heavy as hell.  Couple that with a horse that is spooky to saddle and you have a difficult situation.  Luckily this time I tied the rope halter correctly and when he reared back on the halter, the nose band slipped off, but it didn’t come untied so I didn’t loose him.  Yea!  Got the halter back on him, tighter this time, and threw the saddle up over him a second time and managed to get it in place.

Of course … if I had done some ground work with him before I started saddling him, I might not have had any trouble and the next time I ride him, I will do that because his rearing up right next to me got a bit hairy.

I’ve had the stirrups twisted using a piece of wood and it made a big difference.  I am going to keep the wood in them for a while longer as they are not quite perfect, but close.  My knee only twinged a bit.

When Merlin and I returned from our ride, we were both soaking wet with sweat, but I felt like I accomplished something, both for me and for him.  I removed his saddle and bridle and hosed him off then went down and caught Al Bin and brought him up and put a good dose of fly spray on him.  They hate it, but I feel sure they hate the flies biting them much, much more.

It’s too early to tell if the fly predators are working, but when I was cleaning out the goat shelter on Sunday, I saw swarms of them in there.  Removing the manure will make a bit difference in that building.

Over the weekend, I reduced Merlin’s price from $500 to $300 and only got a few responses, none of them favorable.  I plan to remove the advertisement and try to work towards making him a better horse.  If nothing else, I may sweat off a few pounds in the process.  Heck, it’s only 93 degrees with a heat index of 98, not too hot, huh?

Gel went with me and I know he’s tired.  He stopped in all the creeks and puddles we went by to cool off.

The puppies are rowdy.  They’ve been up most of the day in a crate and as I write this, they are trying to kill each other.  I guess it’s time to put them out for a few minutes and take a shower: I need one!

Until later …

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  1. If your horses hate fly spray… It could be burning them… Try an organic like ATLAST! One of my horses used to shy away and act terribly with other sprays. Now he welcomes being sprayed with ATLAST!

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