Homemade fly spray

I finally finished a batch of homemade fly spray.  I soaked calendula blossoms in apple cider vinegar for several weeks, drained the vinegar off and to that I added numerous insect-repellent essential oils such as cedar, lavender, lemon and rose geranium.  I’ll mix it with water in a spray bottle and hope that it works.  I also hung a lot of fly tape in the goat shelter, milk parlor and horse shelter.  It’s a bit aggravating to run into these sticky tapes, but they are quite effective.

This morning’s milking was very productive: three gallons!  Most of that went into my cheese pot.  It feels good to be back at cheese making.  I have another batch to drain and hang in an hour or so.

This morning, I’ve been working on cleaning out the goat shelter.  It is almost done.  I work for a half hour or so, then come in to cool off.  It’s incredibly hot and humid out there.

Wally’s truck didn’t start this morning.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  We just had to put new tires on it so that it would pass inspection.  It’s nice to not have car payments, but with older vehicles, things tend to go wrong.  Hopefully it’s just the battery.  He drove Yoda to work this morning so I’m stranded.  No big deal, I had no plans to go anywhere today.  I did enough traveling last week to last me for several weeks.

Until later …